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Welby Community School

Client: Mapleton School District

as a sub-consultant to Humphries Poli Architects

The Welby Community School is located on East 78th Avenue east of Washington Street.  The school provides education for pre-kindergarten through sixth grade and has become a location for Community and neighborhood activities.


The site is surrounded by a mix of land uses including agricultural, industrial, residential and open space. To the north the site is bordered and accessed from East 78th Avenue. The southern boundary is defined by an historic Colorado Agricultural Canal.


The program for the building and site redevelopment included a new gymnasium, improved classrooms, music room, library, playground, playfields and hard surface play areas. It was the Districts mission to “Foster purposeful learning both inside and outside of the Classroom” which gave form and purpose to the Design.

The design process was collaborative and included staff, the community, parents and the students. Issues were raised, and solutions offered.  Design options were prepared for review, discussion, refinement or in some cases discarded.

As for all schools safety was a significant consideration for the site design.  Bus drop-off and pick-up was reorganized to create a less congested experience at the building’s entrance.  The primary building entry became more inviting and the lobby was more directly connected to the exterior spaces. The users experience from the street to the door and beyond to the exterior was more evident.  The gymnasium addition formed the space for exterior play area and classrooms.  As circulation from the street, parking and drop off became less congested the play areas, outdoor classrooms and play fields became more visible, accessible and safer.  Play areas now offered opportunities for exercise, for social interaction, interaction with nature and education.

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