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The Mile High Montessori Program has been a leader in early childhood development with the City and County of Denver for years, this mission was extended to the landscape and more specifically the playground for their facility located at 26th and Tremont in the 5 Points neighborhood of Denver, Colorado.  


The playground at Edna Oliver was redeveloped from their existing playground that included the traditional pea gravel and static equipment.  The design was organized around several existing trees and anchored play and social areas designed to exercise the children’s imagination as well as physical abilities.  The design replaced the pea gravel surface with materials that are natural, safer and more easily maintained such as turf, mulch and grass.  Embankment slides and small earthen berms replaced outdated play equipment, reducing the visual clutter resulting in a playground that is more open and conducive to running, climbing and socialization.


The playground has now become an extension of the classrooms and will accommodate gathering areas for outdoor learning, small performance areas and places to construct, dig and explore the natural environment, something the urban environment rarely provides the opportunity for.


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